I am glad that you have visited my website . Let me tell you a few words...
Creating artwork that I present on this website is a tremendous passion and a way to express myself. My great fascination with angels, birds, wings in motion, but most of all, emotions are a source of my inspiration. My love of sculpture and painting naturally led to combining these two fields of art and creating my own personal style with which I would like to be identified by. Applying structure on canvas, mixing it with paints allows me to create a kind of relief . The effects achieved by this fusion gives me a great satisfaction and constantly inspiring me. With my art and painting I can create a space in which I speak without words about what is inside of me. It is also a kind of solace for unfulfilled dreams, creativity dormant for years, therapy in moments full of sadness and expression in moments of joy.
I deeply believe that the authenticity, sensitivity, and truth of my paintings will encourage you to travel into my inner, intimate world.